Path of Cessation

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"A transition from a static study of a Nepalese courtyard to a swirling collage of exotic overlay. This is quite an amazing film." - Calvin Ahlgren, San Francisco Chronicle "We are not tricked into the belief that we've visited Tibet by proxy. Here is the wonder of your works, Bob: that you know, always, whatever part of the World you bounce light off, you are in yr. own backyard ... albeit all these strange (and familiar) creatures move thru that infinite 'yard' of yr. mind. How simply wonderful .... Each film a growth: all of the same spirit. What more can I say but ... Thanks!" - Stan Brakhage

"In PATH OF CESSATION the image that is communicated to us by Fulton is a highly mystifying one. Rather than analyze, or enter into a dialogue with the Tibetan culture that he photographs, Fulton has succumbed to it, and through the process has presented us a work of great surface, as well as formal, beauty.

"Fulton seems to choreograph the rhythms of movements within the frame in relation to the movements of the camera. Furthermore, his skill as an editor established a highly dynamic and kinetic sense of rhythm in the pacing of the shots themselves." - Lucy Fischer, The Soho Weekly News

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