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Wilderness: A Country in the Mind

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Dedicated to Ansel Adams. Directed and filmed by Robert Fulton. Produced by the Wilderness Society. Music by Timothy Marquand.

Nature is our common impressional and biological ancestor. Its history is now, an open book of essences which we have largely, through the intervention of the industrial state, forgotten how to read.

This film is a return to immanence, a restorative immersion, and does what film is best at: inducing a mood of informative ecstasy.

"... with nature, the highest 'technique' is an invisible technique, a highly complex process that appears in its final rendering as being supremely simple and harmonious." - Charles Bolte

"While watching Fulton's WILDERNESS ... my heart sang, soul cried and spirit flew with pride in realizing the perseverant and impeccable resource fullness of the human spirit in reminding me of an aspect of my nature which I had denied." - Terry Toole

"The aerial sequences are wonderful ... there is a tremendous feeling of life in the flow of water and clouds ... magnificent and marvelously planned. ... I like the rapid juxtapositions of details." - Ansel Adams

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