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"... TABLE is the celluloid equivalent of a cubist still life. The subject is an ordinary kitchen table, a homely clutter of crockery and utensils. For 16 minutes, Gehr alternates two slightly different fixed points of view, accentuating individual shots through the use of blue or red filters (and sometimes no filter at all). This simple, if painstaking, procedure transforms the image into a stuttering, hypnotic shuffle.

"Difficult to take in on a single viewing, TABLE improves with familiarity. As one learns how to look at it, one's eyes wander around the frame to savor specific details. Some objects appear simultaneously in two positions, others flex their shimmering forms or collide with their neighbors, while a few barely seem to move at all. Because the film was shot over the course of a single day, the light is constantly changing - shadows deepen, and different objects catch the sun. Throughout, Gehr varies the length of his shots. When he picks up the pace, the overall movement resembles an animated cartoon cycle of objects chasing each other around the table. And when he shifts into high gear, the screen starts to flash and ripple, barely able to contain the forces that have been released within it."
- J. Hoberman, The Village Voice, 1982

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