Robert Daniel Flowers

Robert Flowers graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned a MFA in Filmmaking in 1992. Throughout the nineties he worked in the motion picture industry for such notable companies as Panavision Inc. He has produced a number of films and videos, many of which have been shown at the Ann Arbor, Athens, Humboldt, and Onion City film/video festivals, as well as the Anthology Film Archive, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema and most recently a solo show at the Millennium in New York. His earlier works deal primarily with religious dogma and socio-political topics; however he made the conscious decision to move away from such congested topics shifting his focus to elements such as form, structure, abstraction and rhythm. He has found a way to utilize modern video technology to create and explore ideas unimaginable until recently - hence his latest works U.F.O. s and Stereoscopic Experiment.

Robert is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas where he is part of the newly developed Arts and Technology program. He is also a video instructor at Richland College and teaches film production at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.