Eva Lothar

In the course of her life as a medical doctor, painter and photographer, Eva Lothar developed a passion for the cinema.

Her first film, STREET OF THE SARDINE (1968) in the Canyon Cinema catalogue, came as the encounter between the visual poetry of a then derelict site, Cannery Row in Monterey, California, and a growing awareness of the cause of its rapid decline from its former prosperity, following the rise and fall of the sardine fishing industry. In the toddling days of concern over environment, the cause was becoming clear: the jeopardy to natural resources, an insight which would gradually sweep the entire world.

STREET OF THE SARDINE became the basis of a segment on environment on CBS magazine Sixty Minutes, won a number of international prizes and was followed by other award-winning short films made in the United States and Australia: Yesterday's Shore Tomorrow's Morning, Billy's Mime, Stickn'Stone Farm ....

Eva Lothar lives in France and in the United States, writes, translates and is peripherally involved in motion pictures. She teaches seminars in vision improvement, based on the awareness of what has caught her eyes all her life, the beauty in all things.