Elizabeth Sher

Believing that the ordinary can be fascinating and the unusual accessible, I draw on my own experiences, allowing my art to chart the progress of my own creative growth and maturation with films about child beauty pageants, BE A WINNER; the pressures under gender identification, I KNOW WHAT BOYS LIKE; the perils of prepubescent sexuality, TOO YOUNG; electronic shopabuse, Compu-shop; and an examination of the fear of aging, CHECK UP. For the past few years I have been videotaping interviews with women, physicians and alternative health professionals and support groups. In 1993, I completed APPROACHING THE 14th MOON - WOMEN AND HEALTH PROFESSIONALS DISCUSS MENOPAUSE, a 52-minute documentary, in time for my 50th birthday. Further investigation led me to see the need to produce WHEN WOMEN GO THROUGH MENOPAUSE, WHERE DO MEN GO? (1996) and MEN ARE FROM MOON which look at the effects of the menopause transition on men and couples arise for men during this passage. Perhaps I am charting more than my own life in film - folks keep asking what I will tackle next so they can find out what it is in store for them! Coming soon - FACE IT about the Boomers and cosmetic surgery.

Elizabeth Sher is Professor of Art at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, and Director of I.V. Studios.


To stream Elizabeth Sher's films, visit: https://ivgirl.vhx.tv/products

Festivals and broadcasts include: KQED-TV in San Francisco; WNET-TV in New York City; The Knowledge Network in British Columbia; Silver Apple, National Education Media Arts Festival; Gold Award, Worldfest Charleston; Documentary Trophy, Rochester Int'l Film and Video Festival; Central Florida Film and Video Festival; Victoria Film and Video Festival, Canada; Palm Springs Short Film Festival; First Prize, PSA, East Bay Media Festival; Downtown Community TV in New York City; American Film Institute, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC; Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago; Passages, a Survey of California Women Artists, Fresno Art Museum; Film Culture Centre, Hong Kong; Video Femmes, Quebec; Festival of American Independent Cinema, Milan; Edinburgh Film Festival; San Francisco Int'l Film Festival; Most Humorous Video, Hollywood Erotic Film and Video Festival.


Juggling (1982)
Too Young (1982)
Wash It (1982)
Beat It (1981)