Gregg Biermann

My work comes out of the avant-garde tradition of film as visual art. Avant-garde cinema is an important and relatively young artistic project. While it maintains its scrappy integrity, and while many significant works have been created in subsequent decades, current practitioners have not fully moved out of the shadow of the prodigious 1960's and 70's. Consequently I've looked to new technologies to discover vast unspoiled frontiers no longer available to small gauge filmmakers looking to explore cinematic form. The development of new instruments has often determined the important aesthetic developments in artistic and musical composition. The meaning of digital technology lies in its ability to copy, but also in its plasticity. Its capacity to alter, mask, fragment, re-mix, super-impose, mutate, reflect, transmit and reframe are its prime currents.

A selection of Gregg Biermann's works are available to watch on MUBI: