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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Mystery of Life (as Discovered in Los Angeles), The "If you have to beg, or steal, or borrow, Welcome ... Dominic Angerame 1982 Digital File B&W SOUND 4 mins
  Delaware Park Soundtrack: Ed Sanders. Filmed in Buffalo, 1969, c... Dominic Angerame 1969-1973 Digital File B&W SOUND 4 mins
  Demonstration '68 Anti-war demonstration, 1968, New York City march ... Dominic Angerame 1968-1974 Digital File COLOR SILENT 2 mins
  El Train Film--Second Version We lived next to the Elevated Tracks on the far no... Dominic Angerame 1976 Digital File COLOR SOUND 4 mins
Freedom's Skyway July 5, 1980. Summertime, San Francisco's Chinatow... Dominic Angerame 1980 Digital File B&W SILENT 6 mins
  Hit the Turnpike! Music: Ray Charles

The ultimate rejection film....
Dominic Angerame 1984 Digital File B&W SOUND 3 mins
Line of Fire Sound Design: Amy Leigh Hunter

In November of 1...
Dominic Angerame 1997 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Film Diary #6: 1984 Democratic National Convention In 1984 the Democrat Party Convention was held in ... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3.5 mins
  Putzo Soundtrack: A rare recording of John Cale's Loop (... Dominic Angerame 1972 Digital File B&W SOUND 10 mins
Film Diary #7: Psalm Sunday Dedicated to my dear friend Suzanne Kelliher.

Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File COLOR SOUND 4.5 mins
Film Diary #8: Papa John Creach This was filmed in Chicago 1978, Papa John Creach ... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File B&W SOUND 2.5 mins
Film Diary #9: Water Fall These are the waterfalls in Yosemite National Fore... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File B&W SILENT 3.5 mins
Film Diary Series: Parts #1-9 See individual titles, Film Diary Series, for desc... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 26 mins
A New England Document Using found footage with selected images and text ... Che Applewhaite 2020 Digital File COLOR SOUND 16 mins
Andy Warhol's Unfinished Symphony With George Kuchar and Raymond Mondini.

A clari...
  1975 Digital File B&W SOUND 26 mins
Mr. Hayashi   Bruce Baillie 1961 Digital File B&W SOUND 3 mins
Introduction to the Holy Scrolls Bruce Baillie edits film and talks to the audience... Bruce Baillie 1998 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Wild Gunman Mobilizing wildly diverse found-footage fragments,... Craig Baldwin 1978 Digital File COLOR SOUND 19 mins
Stolen Movie Armed with S8 camera and sound-person (John Corser... Craig Baldwin 1976 Digital File COLOR SOUND 9 mins
Bulletin An exploded view of a ballistic issue.
With Big P...
Craig Baldwin 2015 Digital File B&W SOUND 6 mins
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