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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Golden Hour Golden Hour
(October 2009) 16mm 16:00
CAST: ......
Robert Todd 2009 Digital File COLOR   16 mins
Stable Stable
(November 2003) 16mm 7:00
CAST: Rock-On-...
Robert Todd 2003 Digital File COLOR SILENT 7.5 mins
Gems Gems
(March, 2018) 16mm 13:30
CAST: Gems, the w...
Robert Todd 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 14 mins
the politics of perception the politics of perception (1973) 33 minute... Kirk Tougas 1973 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
the framing of perception "I saw the light..."Sun, light, darkness, shadow--... Kirk Tougas 1973 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
ARTIFACT (Circa 2006) Consider a world where all human communications ar... Kirk Tougas 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 64 mins
Letters from Vancouver REMASTERED AND RESTORED

Letters from Vancouver ...
Kirk Tougas 1973 Digital File COLOR SOUND 66 mins
the medium is the message An age of numerology
communication: numbers
Kirk Tougas 2020 Digital File B&W SOUND 7.5 mins
1972 Feminist Portraits 2020 Two moments in history, two documents, 1972 and 20... Kirk Tougas 2021 Digital File COLOR SOUND 115 mins
Grass This film was made for the site specific screening... Naomi Uman 1997 Digital File B&W SILENT 2.5 mins
Leche Made with the most rudimentary tools of filmmaking... Naomi Uman 1998 Digital File B&W SOUND 30 mins
Removed Using a piece of found European porn from the 1970... Naomi Uman 1999 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Love of 3 Oranges In this naive first film, the love of a woman give... Naomi Uman 1993 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 10 mins
Private Movie This love story in three parts recounts the amorou... Naomi Uman 2000 Digital File B&W OPT 6 mins
Hand Eye Coordination The film tells the story of its own making.
Naomi Uman 2002 Digital File COLOR OPT 10 mins
1941 - Francis Lee The December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor motivated ...   1941 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Black Dawn - Josef Berne Alternate title: Dawn to Dawn
Co-makers: Josef Be...
  1933 Digital File B&W SOUND 34 mins
Death Day - Sergei Eisenstein Co-makers: Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Alexandrov, ...   1934 Digital File B&W SOUND 16 mins
Hands: The Life and Loves of the Gentler Sex - Stella Simon Alternate title: Hände: Das Leben und Die Liebe ei...   1926-1928 Digital File B&W SOUND 14 mins
M. Lavelle, Physical Culture, No. 1 - Frederick S. Armitage Maker: Frederick S. Armitage for American Mutoscop...   1904 Digital File B&W SILENT 2 mins
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