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International Rental Agreement

International Rental Agreement (download .pdf to print)

International Rental Terms & Agreement

Thank you for your order of films distributed through Canyon Cinema Foundatoin. Please download and print the PDF, then sign and return the agreement via postal mail, fax (+1 415-626-2255) or email <> (JPG or PDF file) in order to ensure timely shipment of your films.

Canyon Cinema Foundation is able to provide you with the requested film(s) under the conditions noted in this agreement.

  1. Rental fees will be billed at 2 times the base screening fee for each showing of each film title. Canyon Cinema Foundation must be notified of additional screenings in advance.
  2. Renters will have to arrange transit to and from Canyon Cinema Foundatoin in San Francisco, California, USA. Films can be shipped via commercial air freight couriers, providing that the renter arrange, prior to shipping, all the procedures necessary for freight, including payment of taxes and duties.
  3. By signing below, renters agree that they will take sole responsibility for film prints while they are in the renter’s possession and during transport to and from site of exhibition.
  4. Transfer of prints for screenings provided by third parties is not permitted without prior permission from Canyon Cinema Foundation.
  5. By signing below, renters declare financial responsibility for all damage or loss of prints. This includes any loss, fees or damage due to customs problems.
  6. Prints are to be returned in the same manner in which they were delivered directly to the Canyon Cinema Foundation office, free of customs fees and any other duties.
  7. Videotaping, photographing, optical printing, digital or videotape transfer or other form of duplication of films is prohibited and protected under copyright laws.
  8. Funds must be wired to the Canyon Cinema Foundation bank account prior to shipment. Please contact Canyon Cinema for details.

General Rental Terms & Billing Information


  1. The invoice is to be prepaid unless credit is arranged prior to shipment.
  2. Each booking is for the renter’s own use, and the film is not to be subleased to others without authorization from Canyon Cinema Foundation. Films are rented for one screening only unless otherwise specified.
  3. For each subsequent screening on the same day or following day, subject to agreement in advance, add 50% to the base rate. For audiences over 200 add 50%, over 500 add 100%, over 1000 triple this base rate.
  4. This transaction does not assume rights associated with TV, Broadcast, Duplication, Theatrical or Export.
  5. Films are shipped as indicated on the attached invoice. They must be returned by the means specified on this invoice insured for no less than $150 per pound, prepaid.
  6. Films must never be retained beyond the scheduled show date. They must be shipped back the same day or next day at the latest. Overtime surcharge at the rate of 50% base rental fee per day overdue.
  7. Films must be returned to Canyon Cinema Foundation directly at the address noted above, unless otherwise specified.
  8. Films must be returned heads out, in original cans, on reels supplied and in provided shipping cases. Substitutions will be charged for replacement costs.
  9. The renter agrees to assume all costs of collection of any unpaid invoice amount, including attorney fees.
  10. Cancellations are not valid unless received at least seven working days prior to the shipping date.
  11. Exhibitors must accept sole liability for print loss and legal expenses due to local censorship action.
  12. The renter accepts complete responsibility for any print while in his/her possession or in transit from company or organization. The renter must report any difficulty in projection or damage. Prints are carefully inspected after every booking to ensure quality of the print. Do not attempt to splice or repair damaged films; notify us and return the film to us immediately. Charges will be assessed for repairs. You will be billed for extensive sprocket damage and scratching caused by projectors that have been improperly threaded or through carelessness. The charge depends on the extent of the damage and is based upon the cost for replacement. You are urged to carefully supervise projection.
  13. Films are not to be projected or viewed on editing machines, flatbeds, or any other viewing devices other than a well-maintained film projector.
  14. All subsequent invoices are to be paid within two weeks of the showing date. All late payments will accrue an interest charge no less than 1.5% of the balance unpaid.


Print Name & Title                                                          Sign                                                              Date

hereby agree to Canyon Cinema Foundation’s International and General Rental terms and conditions as stated above.

Organization/Institution Name:

If you have any problems or questions regarding any aspect of these arrangements, please contact Canyon Cinema Foundation immediately at +1 415-626-2255 or <>.


Canyon Cinema Foundation exercises the utmost possible care and attention to inspecting each and every print in its collection. The prints are the property of the individual filmmakers and are very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to replace.

We ask that projectionists please treat the films with special care:

Do not remove any head or tail leaders. (When films are to be spliced together on a single reel, program, Canyon Cinema Foundation suggests that the projectionist place a card over the lens of the projector during the leader between films.) Canyon Cinema Foundation films should never be cut.

Splicing that is required to mount films together should be done at the ends of the colored head and tail leaders only.

  • Please refrain from using any type of marking paint or grease pencil on the prints.
  • Please rewind film onto the original reel.
  • If a film becomes damaged, use a temporary splice and do not cut any footage.

Please alert us of the problem with a note in the film can, call, or email including a detailed account of what happened before and after the film was damaged.

A note about Canyon Cinema Foundation’s inspection methods:

For each print, Canyon Cinema Foundation keeps a record of the exact frame count, overall condition of the print as well as the exact number and location of each and every splice. Any unnecessary splice made within the print will be noted and considered damage and will be charged at the rates listed below.

Damage Charges:

  • Replacement of unacceptable splice placed by renter: $3.00
  • Replacement of missing Head or Tail leader: $5.00 each
  • Missing or damaged frames in film. (This includes: perforation damage and deep emulsion scratches). – $1.00/frame (up to print replacement value)
  • Film returned tails out. – $5.00
  • Film returned on a bent reel – $10.00
  • Grease pencil marking/un-removable inks – $5.00/foot
  • Any damage that occurs during projection must be reported to Canon Cinema Foundation either by a phone/fax communication or by a note that is placed in the film can when it is returned.

Failure to report damage will result in a $10.00 surcharge added to film damage charges.

These charges will be strictly enforced.