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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Three Films by Richard Myers: The Path, First Time Here and Coronation THE PATH (1961)

"Light as the symbol of the ine...
Richard Myers 1961 - 65 DVD B&W SOUND 67 mins
37-73 With Jake Leed, Kelly Myers, Mary Leed, Marjory My... Richard Myers 1974 16mm film B&W SOUND 60 mins
Akbar A conversation with a friend - Ahmed Akbar. A shor... Richard Myers 1970   COLOR SOUND 16 mins
Akran Electronic music by Fred Coulter. With Bob Ohlrich... Richard Myers 1969 16mm film B&W SOUND 118 mins
Allison ALLISON is a short, simple film about Allison Krau... Richard Myers 1971 16mm film B&W SOUND 7 mins
Bill and Ruby Bill and Ruby own a novelty store in Akron, Ohio. ... Richard Myers 1970 16mm film COLOR SOUND 34 mins
Coronation Music by Fred Coulter. Costumes by James M. Somero... Richard Myers 1965 16mm film B&W SOUND 23 mins
Da Nora Belle West Croft ... or better known as "Da" ... Richard Myers 1973 16mm film B&W SOUND 40 mins
Deathstyles Principal performers: Robert Ohlrich, Jake Leed, M... Richard Myers 1971 16mm film COLOR SOUND 60 mins
Floorshow With: Jake Leed, Mary Leed, Pat Myers, Dick Myers,... Richard Myers 1978 16mm film B&W SOUND 90 mins
Jungle Girl Cast: Mary Leed, Jake Leed, Marjory Myers.

Richard Myers 1984 16mm film B&W SOUND 100 mins
Monstershow "Myers' latest work takes its cue from the logic o... Richard Myers 1996 16mm film B&W SOUND 100 mins
Moving Pictures "Most of [Myers'] movies, including all of his fea... Richard Myers 1990 16mm film B&W SOUND 100 mins
Path, The "Light as the symbol of the ineffable. The 'plot' ... Richard Myers 1961 16mm film B&W SILENT 20 mins
Tarp Most of my longer films have been based on dreams ... Richard Myers 1993 16mm film COLOR SOUND 20 mins
Zocalo ZOCALO is a color, optically-printed experiment th... Richard Myers 1972 16mm film COLOR SOUND 15 mins
Three Film Portraits: Akbar, Bill and Ruby, DA   Richard Myers 1973 DVD COLOR/B&W   94 mins
Confrontation at Kent State & Allison
Confrontation at Kent State (1970) 43 min. B&W, ...
Richard Myers 1970 DVD COLOR/B&W   53 mins
Tarp, Zocolo, Wood Assemblange   Richard Myers 1962 DVD COLOR   49 mins
Confrontation at Kent State On Monday afternoon, May 4, 1970, four students on... Richard Myers 1970   B&W OPT 43 mins
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