1. Picture 2

    5/4/15 Canyon Cinema Salon, Next To You with Claire Bain

    Posted April 13th, 2015 in Announcements, Canyon Cinema Salon, Events and Screenings, News / Events

    Please join Canyon Cinema on the evening of May 4th, 2015 at New Nothing Cinema for the next installment of our Spring 2015 Salon series. This month, artist and filmmaker Claire Bain will present a selection of 16mm films from Canyon’s collection that function within systems of identity, representation, persona, and power. On her program, Bain says: “These films demonstrate that [...]

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  2. Picture 6

    April 10–12: See New Works from Canyon Cinema Filmmakers at CROSSROADS 2015

    Posted April 9th, 2015 in Announcements, Events and Screenings, News / Events

    This weekend, San Francisco Cinematheque will open its annual CROSSROADS* film festival! This year’s lineup promises to be unmissable, with 9 programs ranging in theme from “forward reverse read write: conjectures about the animal” to “haunted house: a catalog of the small and ecstatic“, and much much more! Advance tickets can now be purchased for [...]

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  3. 1god of day had gone down upon them

    3/30/2015 Canyon Cinema Salon, Nathaniel Dorsky on Stan Brakhage pt II

    Posted March 16th, 2015 in Announcements, Canyon Cinema Salon, Events and Screenings, News / Events

    Please join Canyon Cinema on the evening of March 30, 2015 at New Nothing Cinema for the first installment of our 2015 Salon series. This month, filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky will return to present Stan Brakhage’s The God of Day Had Gone Down Upon Him on 16mm. Dorksy writes: This evening’s Canyon Cinema Salon blooms out of the joy and desire to continue [...]

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  4. 529506_ec7176e51fdb470daf34e3999b8cc561.jpg_srb_p_1200_712_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb

    Kodachromes from San Francisco 1980-1990 by Chuck Hudina

    Posted March 15th, 2015 in Announcements, News / Events

    Bright colors, dark shadows, and stark lines are the accessories that make up long time Canyon Cinema filmmaker Chuck Hudina’s portraits of San Francisco in the 1980s. These portraits, through their abstractions of the city they re-present, alert to the affects of a stroll through San Francisco in the light and shade of the California [...]

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  5. Denah_Canyon

    Denah Johnston Named Executive Director

    Posted March 12th, 2015 in Announcements, News / Events

      It is our great pleasure to formally announce that Canyon Cinema’s long-time Director of Operations, Denah Johnston, has been appointed as Executive Director of Canyon Cinema Foundation. Denah’s dedication and above-and-beyond efforts towards formalizing our 501(c)3 non-profit status have been, and continue to be, the greatest assets we could have hoped for in a [...]

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  6. Jordan_Circus_4

    Now Available from Lawrence Jordan: INFERNO on 16mm and New DVDs to Rent

    Posted March 5th, 2015 in Announcements, New DVDs, New Films, News / Events

    Big news for fans of Lawrence Jordan: several DVDs of the esteemed animator’s works are now available to rent through Canyon Cinema. But that’s not all– Jordan’s Inferno is now available on 16mm! After the Circus (2013 | 9 minutes | B&W | SOUND) An exploration into the 19th century death mystiques, which rely heavily on the [...]

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  7. *** Local Caption *** Continuum, , Dominic Angerame, USA, 1987, V'06, Kurzfilme

    Dominic Angerame – Upcoming San Francisco events and Southwestern Tour!

    Posted February 20th, 2015 in Announcements, News / Events

    Canyon Cinema’s longterm filmmaker Dominic Angerame will be on a Southwestern Tour with the City Symphony series that includes Continuum, Deconstruction Sight, Premonition, In the Course of Human Events, Line of Fire, The Soul of Things and a work in progress.  He will be screening his work in Tucson and Albuquerque on March 22, 2015. [...]

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  8. lucas photo

    George Lucas Family Foundation donates $50,000 to Canyon Cinema Foundation

    Posted February 2nd, 2015 in Announcements, News / Events

    Canyon Cinema Foundation is excited to announce its receipt of $50,000 in generous year-end support from the George Lucas Family Foundation. Mr. Lucas has been a long-time supporter of Canyon, citing screenings and filmmakers as early influences on his love of cinema. He also contributed substantially to the organization in 2007, enabling Canyon to launch [...]

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  9. Bruce Baillie

    Bruce Baillie has a YouSite!

    Posted January 15th, 2015 in Announcements, News / Events

                              A selection of Bruce Baillie’s work is now available to watch online! Head on over to Baillie’s “YouSite“ to see a selection of his works, subscribe and stay tuned for more to come…

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  10. Mark LaPore, Kolkata

    Now Available: Mekong and Kolkata by Mark LaPore

    Posted January 15th, 2015 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

    Two new prints of Mark LaPore’s ethnographic work are now available!                       Kolkata (2005 | 35 minutes | B&W | SOUND) A portrait of North Kolkata (Calcutta), this film searches the streets for the ebb and flow of humanity and reflects the changing landscape of a [...]

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