Now Available: Robert Huot’s ROLLS 1971

Posted October 1st, 2014 in New Acquisitions, New Films

A complete 16mm print of Robert Huot’s Rolls (1971) is available for the very first time through Canyon Cinema!

Robert Huot, Rolls 1971

Rolls (1971) (1972 | 97 minutes | COLOR/B&W | SILENT)

From A Critical Cinema, by Scott MacDonald:
“The year 1971 was particularly intense for Huot: he was struggling to learn how to manage [his] farm, his marriage with choreographer Twyla Tharp was coming to an end, and he and Tharp were adjusting to the birth of a child. As a result, Rolls (1971) is at times very beautiful and at other times quite shocking: sex is not romanticized as it usually is in commercial film,we see it bluntly and in close, and unlike other male diarists, Huot even has the courage to reveal his own masturbation. Huot’s willingness to reveal himself at least as fully as he reveals women gives his films a point of contact with Carolee Schneemann’s.”

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