Janie Geiser

JANIE GEISER is an internationally recognized visual/theater artist and experimental filmmaker, whose work is known for its investigation of the emotional power of inanimate objects, its sense of mystery, and its strength of design. "Geiser shares with filmmakers such as Jan Svankmajer the rare ability to make children's toys and seemingly innocent objects ... resonate with the most unsettling, arcane, and adult fears. Better still, Geiser gives voice to the reaches of the unconscious, pointing to the abandoned splendor that exists prior to the rules of society and language." (Holly Willis, Res, 2004)

For more information about Janie Geiser visit her website - http://www.janiegeiser.com/

A selection of her works are available to view on Fandor - https://www.fandor.com/filmmakers/director-janie-geiser-1234