Ghost Algebra

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Under erratic skies, a solitary figure navigates a landscape of constructed nature and broken bones. She peers through a decaying aperture, waiting and watching: the fragility of the body is exposed for what it is: ephemeral, liquid, a battlefield of nervous dreams.
Using found and natural objects, rephotographed video, medical illustrations, and other collage elements, Ghost Algebra suggests one of the original meanings of the word "algebra": the science of restoring what is missing, the reunion of broken parts. "

"...a story that lurks just on the edge of consciousness."
---Holly Willis, KCET, Janie Geiser's Fantastic Films

"It's a subtle film. A beautiful but difficult film...Geiser's 'algebra' theme seems to peek through at times in images of severed limbs or broken bones, teeth, spilled blood, and of course the various number machines that pop up. The word algebra apparently used to have a meaning related to restoration or reunion...But this film is not really about mathematics. At least not the usual kind. It's about piecing together a vision of the world. Immersion."
---Allesandro Cima, Candlelight Stories

Production Format: 16mm
Sound collage : Janie Geiser
Sound mix Kari Rae Seekins

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