Ultima Thule

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

In her recent films, Geiser has been exploring the possibilities found in merging video texture with film, creating a kind of deep, ambiguous space, a suggestion of "the floating world". In Ultima Thule, gravity fails, land and sky lose their historical meaning. A small silver plane navigates an ultramarine storm, flying over barely-glimpsed hills, an unlikely ferry to " Ultima Thule": the farthest point north, the limit of any journey. The seduction of immersion in blue is too strong to avoid, the land fills with water, and time loses its line.

" Another way of approaching Geiser's characters is to imagine where they go after they disappear from view. Instead of dematerializing, we might think of them as transcending their media forms, and reaching for a place that exceeds our ability to represent it: in short, the sublime."

- Genevieve Yu, "Parallax View, On the Recent Films of Janie Geiser"

Sound Design by Leon Rothenberg

Production Format: 16mm

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