Terrace 49

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Images of impending disaster--- slamming doors, a truck careening down a hill, and a frayed, almost snapping, elevator rope--- collide with the repeated image of a woman's body, cycling toward ephemerality as the the woman disappears into the texture of the film itself. In my recent films, I have been exploring the possibilities found in merging video texture with film, creating a lush, disorienting, ambiguous film space, and an atmosphere of temporal suspension. In Terrace 49, the space is shattered further, broken into shards; as fractured as memory and as fragile as glass.

Wrapped in the skin of this form that is known as the body lays the memories and the soul of that self. So too, the skin of the film is the emulsion which holds together all the photochemical secrets just under its surface. This work is a testament to my unwrapping of these two energies and blending those photochemical secrets with my energy of unconscious...sometime conscious memories of events that took place upon the expulsion of the one life to the other. A metamorphosis that can really only be understood when standing in a foreign place. A region of myself and of film that as of to this point had not been charted. I create the destination and the two skins begin to crack and peel like a first good sunburn. Underneath rages all the chromatic scale of emotion, that will give birth to the notion, a new beginning.....Neige Noire....things in description time duration emulsion water molecular movement grain the constant kinetic movement that consists of the foreground/background only the eye can see soft sliding emulsion the footing in reality never really sure constant flux through vision the fear that creates the flux the transportation of the fear which constitutes a large part of our mental makeup the loss of which results in over-heating uncomfortable sweating an emersion of the body into the water of the sliding emulsion to gain some footing, any even a false sense that footing may give escape move through the childhood memories the jewel cuts the water splits the fear opening up the life's screen better/deeper vision an understanding acceptance of the fear washes the sweat and grime of that reality away calm the completion of a period the process evolving re:entry to begin anew always heroine.

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