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The realms of childhood, war, and loss echo through Ricky. Double vision illuminates, and simultaneously obfuscates, what can be remembered, lost, or retrieved. A found sound recording forms the spine of the film...a scratched audio letter from father to son.

"Multiple pasts come alive in Geiser's films. This speaks to the density of the frame, an often crowded cluster of images and objects layered over each other, always passing across one another, and covered, at times, by deep shadow. Just as we see photographs in their negative reverse, we also hear songs played backwards, creating an effect of simultaneity where all moments from the past are active at once. Objects are loosened from their historical fixity and made to interact with elements that came from elsewhere; this is, of course, the nature of collage, where different historical moments are placed in spatial proximity to each other. Here, the juxtaposition is equally temporal, a recombined and heterogeneous past alive and buzzing in an unfolding and uncertain present."
- Genevieve Yue, "The Parallax View: On the Recent Films of Janie Geiser"

"In Ricky (2011)...(Geiser) turns to the use of shadows and silhouettes to force the three-dimension forms of her found toys into some sort of parity with the two-dimensional illustrations and comics images that populate the rest of the video: At other moments in Ricky she uses extreme close ups to blur the difference between different layers of materially-distinct artifice."
- Intermittent Mechanism

Sound Collage: Janie Geiser
Sound Mix: Kari Rae Seekins

Production Format: Digital Video

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