Now Available on 16mm: 4 films from Charlotte Pryce (2008-2013)

Posted January 4th, 2016 in New Acquisitions, News / Events

Charlotte Pryce’s films Parable of the Tulip Painter and the Fly, Curious Light, Looking Glass Insects, and A Study in Natural Magic are now available for rent at Canyon Cinema! 


Parable of the Tulip Painter and the Fly (Charlotte Pryce |2008 |3.5 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps

An intoxicating flower; a metaphorical insect; a longing reach across the centuries. The film is a philosophical search drenched in luminous colors and sparkling light. (having grown the beautiful tulip I fell deeply under its spell- an affliction shared by an artist from another time and place- yet the dilemma we faced was shared: to fall for such luxurious and temporary beauty raised a fear [a reminder — a fly] of the transience of life).



Curious Light (Charlotte Pryce |2010-2011 |4.1 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps

A manuscript illuminated: illustrations retreat into the fiber of the page; a fleeting light dissolves into the emulsion of the film: an elusive story is revisited.



Looking Glass Insects (Charlotte Pryce |2012 |4 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps

Looking Glass Insects takes its title from chapter three of THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and its classic original illustrations by John Tenniel. Delighting in the act and play of observation the film finds a visual metaphor for the cinematic process in the antics of the original story; making use of magnifying glasses as an optical pun, pointing to the instruments used by both entomologists and filmmakers alike. Yet the insects of the story fade away, just as the observations that appear in the film’s magnifying glass dissolve into darkness when tilted to reflect the “natural” world beyond the book.



A Study in Natural Magic (Charlotte Pryce |2013 |3 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps

Witness an alchemist’s spell: the transmutation of light into substance: a glimpse of gold.

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