Now available: two new films from Lawrence Jordan

Posted March 30th, 2020 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

We are pleased to announce the two latest works from filmmaker and artist Lawrence Jordan.

Delirium | 2018 | color | sound | 16mm and digital file

There is a hint of an under water circus, and many of the performers are acrobats.

The sea water, if that’s what it is, is yellowish brown. A full-faced sun rises from the Sun King’s cradle, while a moon of Saturn circles the planet.

The cut-out animation moves airily through a time-distorted world, where dizziness barely maintains a balance, and conventional time-sense disappears.

The music of John Davis, which has been slowed to half speed, reverberates eerily throughout the pulsing series of performances, and one wonders whether in the next scene one can catch one’s balance.

The timing throughout is musical, and suggests a barely upheld world of sanity; of course the dream world creeps into the conscious mind’s puritanical sense of propriety, rendering a secondary sense of unbalance facing trial at the bar of…whatever comes to mind.
– Lawrence Jordan

while she watches her blue heaven awake (2012) collage by Lawrence Jordan

Oz | 2019 | color | sound | 16mm and digital file

The ‘gravity’ throughout the film seems spell-bound, shifting from heavy to almost non-existent. Most often this gives the characters, objects and animals an ability to take off, float, and ignite into a sparkle of incandescent intensity.
Carried aloft by John Davis’ music, the cosmic and spectacularly earthly combine to portray a heaven and earth continuum, as the surreality of episodes proceed with highly unexpected shifts.
Embedded within this non- narrative narrative is a complete portrayal of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, spindle-prick and all.
This is the most color-intense of all Jordan’s animations, the music the most compelling, having been composed specifically to fit the film and to propel it resolutely forward.
-Lawrence Jordan