Now Available: Four New Titles from Raymond Rea

Posted June 13th, 2023 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Digital Files, New Films, News / Events

Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce the availability of four new titles from Raymond Rea.

A filmmaker and writer, Rea’s work often challenges assumptions, hints at theatricality, and uses a raw LoFi aesthetic to address complexities. His films have screened widely including at the Ann Arbor Film Festival; Light Field, San Francisco; San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (Frameline); BFI, London; Translations, Seattle; Lost & Found, Amsterdam; Outfest, Los Angeles; Inside Out, Toronto; Mix Mexico; Mix NYC; New Fest, NYC; Out on Screen, Vancouver; Inside Out, Toronto; Reeling, Chicago; Hamburg LGBT Film Festival; Melbourne GLBT Film Festival; Union Docs, Brooklyn, ATA; San Francisco; Flex Fest; and The Nightingale, as well as other national and international venues.

This new acquisition includes two 16mm films from the early-1980s, Telefone (1981) and Walk Out (1981), as well as two recent works, Put the Brights On (2021) and 13th Ave Fargo Mine Cart (2022). These four titles join a number of Rea’s other 16mm and digital works already in the Canyon collection, including The Album (2015), Cat’s Cradle (2011), Straightboy Lessons (1999), Wanted (1997), Third (1996), For Nelie and Maria (1993), and Hear (1991).

Telefone (1981, 4 minutes, b&w, sound, 16mm)

an early punk comment on technology

Walk Out (1981, 3 minutes, b&w, sound, 16mm)

a protopunk music video

Put the Brights On (2021, 17 minutes, b&w, sound, digital file)

Put the Brights On combines 16mm, s8, archival footage, and interviews with four Trans people who choose to live outside the city. Shot and recorded in “Greater Minnesota” but applicable to the nationwide urban/rural divide.

13th Avenue Fargo Mine Cart (2022, 3 minutes, color, sound, digital file)

13th Avenue Fargo Mine Cart was made driving down one big box store strip in the Midwest. Only conversation with a friend is redemptive.