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ÖOLITE is a story of birth and the creative process. Birth is a facet of life often overlooked or impersonally addressed solely through medical terminology in Western culture. ÖOLITE is the story of the birth of my sister told personally from multiple perspectives. It is told by my grandmother (Louise Kimball), my mother (Bethanne Kimball-Parker), my sister herself (Bettina Geyer), and through the visual images of my remembrances of that time.

A primary concern of this piece lies in the function of memory; how we remember what we remember and why. What triggers memory? Why do different people remember the same event differently? What makes a remembered instant different from the perpetual procession of forgotten moments which constitute our lives?

I employed a method of projecting film on various surfaces, reframing, reshooting and thus recontextualizing my work in order to convey variations in perspective and a distance from the original image (event). The often visual immediacy of dreams versus the third person retelling of that dream, in comparison to the remembered thought or details provided by a relative of your own childhood experiences, are other elements I address, for film is a medium of experiential immediacy sharing qualities of both dreams and memories.

ÖOLITE creates an environment, a rhythm of movement through time, which is neither dream nor memory but exists filmically and blurs the boundaries of both.

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