Lil Picard

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Lil Picard, the colorful, outrageous art world personality, performance and collage artist, and critic, tells her story, from Belle Epoque Belle, to Berlin Twenties Cabaret dancer, Thirties journalist and refugee from Hitler's Germany, to her long involvement with the art world and its artists. Lil's story, which she tells with Rousseau-like honesty, reflects the history of the times.

"Silvianna Goldsmith's LIL PICARD is extraordinary for two reasons. First, because the subject lets herself be recorded stating the most candid account of her exciting and long life. She states that she had a forest of penises to choose from. ... These and other truly candid revelations are an eye opener. Second, the picture is a first class work of historical journalism, showing the life and career of one of this country's most interesting woman artists and journalists in a true and open portrayal. Lil's life from childhood to senior citizenship was a tour through great events." - Charles I. Levine

Exhibition: Anthology Film Archives, 1981; accepted, Jewish Film Festival, Paris, 1986.

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