Silvianna Goldsmith

My background has been as a multi-media artist, involved with photography, film, video, painting and performance art. I have defined myself as an artist since my teens as a student at Music and Art High School, scholarship student at the Chicago Institute of Design, and early disciple of Wifredo Lam, the Cuban surrealist painter. I was in the first feminist art show, the X-12, writing the press release, quoted by Grace Glueck in the New York Times Magazine and Lawrence Alloway in the "The Nation".

I was the founding member of Women/Artist/Filmmakers, which received production grants from NEA and NYSCA and with whom I showed my films internationally. "Lil Picard", made with
this funding was shown at the Whitney Museum in 2000, and September 2004 in San Francisco at the MadCat International Film Festival. It was shown at MOCA with the Paul McCarthy show in March 2009, and will be shown at the "Lil Picard" retrospective show at the Grey Gallery in April 2010.

The video "Oneiro", with dancer Lori Belilove was shown with Metro Arts Thirteen in May and August 2003.