Orpheus Underground

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Orpheus was shot in New York City using backgrounds such as Coney Island and the Lower East Side for the Underworld. Influences include Fellini's Satyricon and Cocteau's Blood of a Poet, Jack Smith and a residue of the political climate of the late '60s and early '70s.

"Silvianna Goldsmith's beautiful and romantic ORPHEUS UNDERGROUND ... depicts rape from a woman's angle of vision ... renders female orgasm as a bursting forth of pomegranate seeds. ..."
- Maryse Holder, Changes and Off Our Backs

"Silvianna's film ORPHEUS reconciles the surrealist visionary quest of a Bu-uel with the cinematic optique of a Cocteau in her rendition of the artist's interior voyage to the unconscious .... Sylvianna ... constantly addresses the inner eye of the viewer by transforming that reality through the visionary process of the symbolic imagination. Silvianna's 'trip' is a Jungian rite of passage."
- Gloria Orenstein

Exhibition: Musidora, First Int'l Festival of Womens' Films, 1974; Millennium, NY, 1975; Artists' Space, 1974.

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