Oneiro: In the Shadow of Isadora

"Oneiro means dream in Greek. This video is a dream trip from classic to modern in imagery. In Jungian terms, the shadow is the other self. The dancer performs five dances in the style of Isadora Duncan that seem to be a ritual descent and emergence through a shadow self. The video utilizes computer-generated and other experimental effects. Lori Belilove, the dancer and choreographer, is one of the foremost exponents of the dances of Isadora Duncan today.

"ONEIRO: IN THE SHADOW OF ISADORA is an homage to Isadora Duncan. The movements of dancer Lori Belilove are superimposed on images of ancient Greek temples, paintings, sculptures and the Aegean Isles, in an ethereal, airy, charming piece, set to music by Ravel."
- Lori Weinless