Kino Da!

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Shot in sync with wind-up Bolex. Sound recording: Mark McGowan.

Portrait of North Beach Communist cafe poet & gentle comrade, Jack Hirschman.

KINO DA! (ah, ke, ke) KINO DA!
The Dead die die dada low king quanto zong
MOVE! (ur, ur)
Grey todays it-a clear to the quick ear, quicker z'heels
The Poe (pay, po, pee, pick-pick), nuf of "D" yet
Call Vertov
(beep, beep)
Eisenstein even
& viterulably cheeness of a ram innerwear
(airs; hen)
Time, Time, Money
junk rock did travel & falls
Spring is the simplest inflationary dime.
Be in everything Joy, in experimental & (thus)
proletarian & wwea air of airs
at this school of po'try-painting
CUT! "To know
no! no! MONTAGE (nadazha), in any instant
(instant) of the writing of Stein & the facts of that
(tle) kind.
FEEL IT! (the steak)
yes, ache, in trends & whatevers.
Mmmm-pah-ah Cops, man in case (nnn), man
(KO) be-a mayu po pony;
.(KO) be-a (what?) o-long kind.

GO! (be what) OM, prose, Pentacost; be what this there the (pause) & (serious pause) the neb with a gram of ire illia-it's still justs Jah.

Viparko r-rrr re ad adici, yes!

mmmm keybo z'Kruchchev.

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