Henry Hills

Film is so large and we are so small. Every maker in this catalog has a very partial approach. I think of editing as a way to make it my own. To make it tangible and manageable and re-viewable, something I might want a copy of in my record library one day. Relentlessly I chisel away night after night, improvising new subtleties, surprizing myself, ever improving, grooving, yet somehow never perfecting. Film is so obviously imperfect, that's what makes it possible. I'm always surprized how different it can be, even the same piece seen again. Everything informs it, yet essentially it remains the same, a miracle, a mirage. It eventually says let go, sometimes too soon, sometimes too late. I recreate the rhythms of my body, the pulses of my brain. I view the frantic results and relax. I gather what images I may. So homely and yet so grand. I was doomed when I first touched a Bolex and discovered a meaning for my life. The whole thing is a comedy and there's no escape. so dig it. I used to think that it would end, that some coherent electronic miracle would replace it. Now I'm not so sure. I think it will rebound because its just so beautiful.


The Falls (2019)
The Tree (2018)
Hhhhh (2016)
arcana (2011)
SSS (1988)
Money (1985)
Kino Da! (1981)
George (1976)