Little Lieutenant

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Made with Sally Silvers.

LITTLE LIEUTENANT is a look back at the late Weimar era with its struggles and celebrations leading up to world war, a period piece. Scored to John Zorn's arrangement of the Kurt Weill song, "Little Lieutenant of the Loving God," and drawing its imagery both from the original song and its somewhat idiosyncratic rearrangement, the film presents an internal reading of Silvers' solo scored to the same musical piece, "Along the Skid Mark of Recorded History." Closely following the Zorn arrangement, the film was storyboarded in 30 scenes (the arrangement changes approximately every four measures) and principally shot in a small studio employing rear projection, with foreground movement choreographed to interact with the projected imagery which reflects themes apparent in the song and its arrangement (Weimar cabaret scenes, labor footage, empty industrial landscapes, water, slides of moody photographs by James Casebere, a kinescope of Silvers' performance of the solo at the Joyce Theatre, battle newsreels, Walther Ruttmann's film Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, and a restructured animation, The Youth Machine). Silvers and Cydney Wilkes portray dual aspects of the Salvation Army Lieutenant who sang the song in the Brecht/Weill play Happy End, with Kumiko Kimoto, Leonard Cruz, Pilar Alamo and Toby Vann.

Awards and Exhibition 1994-1995: Manheim Film Festival; Silver Prize, Eye on Dance, NY; Rotterdam Film Festival; Director's Award, Black Maria Film and Video Festival; Singapore Film Festival; Cleveland Film Festival; Image Forum, Tokyo & Osaka; Second Prize, Big Muddy Film Festival; Onion City Film Festival; Kodak Award, Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Conspiracies, NY; Latavia; Dance Screen, Lyon; Viper, Lucerne; Ljubljana; FIPA, Nice; SxSW Film and Media Conference; and Short Film Mart, Cannes Film Festival.

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