Social Skills

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SOCIAL SKILLS is a composition in which a large international group of improvising dancers share a viable vision of a cooperative and imaginative future based on mutual support and spontaneous creation. Here is an environment of touch without threat, closeness without conflict, and individual expression within collective action. Highlights from the 60 DAYS WORKSHOP conducted by dancer/choreographer/pedagogue David Zambrano in his Brussels art center TIC TAC (from October through mid-December of 2019) were recorded on 16mm film. Studying this crowd-filled footage, and composing from it this concise film, provided comfort and consolation during the unexpectedly protracted times of social isolation during the Covid pandemic.

Production format: 16mm

Shot and edited by Henry Hills
Improvised movement workshop directed by David Zambrano
Filmed at Tic Tac Art Center, Brussels
Music selected and edited by Henry Hills
Electric harp solo by Zeena Parkins
70 dancers

Selected Screenings
Viennale 2022,
Le Cinema Club Mar 8-14, 2024

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