Radio Adios

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Starring: Hannah Weiner, Diane Ward, Sally Silvers, Jemeel Moondoc & Muntu, Aline Mayer, Jackson MacLow, Abigail Child, Charles Bernstein, Bruce Andrews and Rashied Ali on drums, with George Kuchar as a Maoist revolutionary.

A superabundance of useless information effectively subdues freedom of speech. Condense and survive!

RADIO ADIOS is a monologue in 12 plaited strands; an extremely precise, condensed and intensely rhythmic Busby Berkeleyish spectacle of an examination of conversational and literary language over a fair range of vocal timbre, microphones, volume settings and single-system sync peculiarities and its dissolution into music to the accompaniment of simultaneous Manhattan ambiences punctuated by fragments of jazz ... personalized handheld camera movement, movement from cut to cut - juxtapositions of scale, pulsating changes in light intensity, a varying pallette of various filmstocks, generations, etc., at an appropriately furious pace and in strict one-track sync ... offering simultaneously several levels of apprehension or interpretation to encourage multiple viewings. Text published in O.ARS/3: Translations (Cambridge, 1983).

Brakhage says it's real.

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