How to Be a Homosexual Part I

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Made with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bush Foundation, and the Jerome Foundation.

"... the images could be informal documentary material; they are transformed because Jacoby has processed the footage himself. So instead of distinct images and picture-postcard, factory-processed color, the images are seen through a living, changing veil of color and light. Since Jacoby manipulates the dyeing process, one color and then another suffuses the whole screen with flare-ups and blotches. The organic color transmutations intrude on the film illusion and constantly remind the viewer of the nature of the medium." - V. Holbert, Minnesota Daily

"HOW TO BE A HOMOSEXUAL began, said Jacoby, as 'excerpts from a compilation journal work begun in 1979. It is an ironic title - there's nothing sexually explicit about the film.' But the film is richly sensual .... In every scene, the emulsion captures the images, enhances, then betrays, overpowers and destroys them, as the patterns and color reshape the filmed reality into a different landscape." - Kathleen Tyner, Cinematograph

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