Roger Jacoby

"Roger Jacoby died November 19, 1985 at the age of 40. Originally a painter, he began making experimental film in New York City in the 1960s. For both aesthetic and financial reasons he began to process his own film footage in the bathtub of his darkened bathroom. After receiving an NEA grant in 1974 he was able to buy a simple processing machine. By maintaining control of the processing, and by using an 'outdated' Auricon camera, Jacoby was able to weave texture, color and sound in a highly dramatic way. Many of his films contain the sounds of opera, images of family and often feature his lover of many years, Warhol superstar Ondine.

"On a personal note: My brother, Roger, was the most remarkable person I have ever known. He could turn the mundane into a roller-coaster adventure. His eye for beauty, truth and absurdity brought an unparalleled excitement to my life. Through him I learned about film, met fascinating people, felt glamorous, developed an aesthetic. His films are a testament to his complexity, sincerity, and sense of humor. A wonderful and loyal buddy - I miss him a lot." - Susan Shiller