Kunst Life Parts 1-3

Made with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Described by one reviewer at the time: "Jacoby's latest film is perhaps the fulfillment of his vision to date. In this film his editing and processing procedures, while no more elaborate than earlier, become infinitely more complex and precise. A series of scenes in which young artists might find themselves are presented by him without allowing any to become maudlin." The opening shot of a knight [Ondine] entrapped in his own shining armor, lying on a lawn, glows with a bronze cast. Others leading the "kunst life" appear: a Brooklyn fashion plate, celloists, pianists, singers of opera, and a flutist who has received a visitation in a dream from the composer Delibes instructing her to re-write his music.

"Roger Jacoby's films are a breathtaking stream of seeming contradictions; humor and melodrama, the homemade crudity yet beauty of his images, abstraction and narrative, filmic illusion and the concrete presence of the film material, the operatic and the mundane. These diverse threads, however, are woven together into a cohesive personal vision .... They are objects of exquisite and subtle beauty: they bathe the eye as they probe the psyche. They are not always easy films but for anyone willing to look, the rewards are great." - Bill Judson, Field of Vision No. 2, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh