Big Sur: The Ladies

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An "in-camera" document or journalistic writing on film, with no subsequent deletions or re-ordering. Made in 1966, it is the first partly pixilated "diary film" I am aware of.

"BIG SUR: THE LADIES is a three-minute film by Larry Jordan. Fast-moving impressions of the Big Sur, the water, the ocean, and the Ladies, as part of the landscape, swimming, or running nude, against the sun or part of the sun. The movements of the camera are impregnated with such happiness that they pull you into a world of exuberance, of light, of joy of living. And here is where one could speak, if one wants, about the techniques of the Underground. For much of this joy and exuberance is transmitted to us not through the images themselves, but through the rhythms, through the movements of the camera, that is, the movements of the filmmaker as he shoots - one could say, through the rhythms of his heart. Exactly the same way as the feelings of joy or sadness are determined and transmitted to us in music: through the rhythms, through the pacing, through the timbre." - Jonas Mekas, "Why Do People Like Morbid Movies?", The New York Times

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