Duo Concertantes

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Animation. An established classic. Steel engravings form a surrealistic dream world. P. Adams Sitney has written at length on the film in his book Visionary Film. It can be shown to any adventurous audience, young or old, and has never disappointed. The theme: resurrection, rebirth, flight into higher spheres was thought to be out-moded in this century's art. Evidently not, judging from the impact of the film on viewers.

"Jordan's imagery is exquisite and eloquent, concentrating on simple, repeated use of particularly poetic symbols and figures, a conglomerative effect of old Gustave Dore drawings, 19th century whatnot memorabilia, all fused to a totally aware perception." - Lita Eliseu, East Village Other

Awards: First Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival; Milwaukee Art Center Festival; First Prize, Kent Film Festival; First Prize, Art Institute of Chicago Film Festival; Second Prize, University of Cincinnati Film Festival.

Exhibition: Swedish Film Institute; Austrian Film Museum; Museum of Modern Art, NY; Pompidou Center, Paris; American TV; American Traveling Avant-Garde Exhibition.

Collections: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Anthology Film Archives; Austrian National Library.

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