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Animation. The theme is Weightlessness. Objects and characters are cut loose from habitual meanings, also from tensions and gravitational limitations. A lyric Eric Satie track accompanies the film. Such a portrait seems necessary from time to time to remind us that equilibrium and harmony are possible, and that we will not dissolve into a jelly if we allow ourselves to relax into them: A horseman rides through the landscape, through the town, but never arrives anywhere in particular. An acrobat swings on a rope above a canal in Venice, and is content just to swing there. Nothing threatens to disturb them. This film is a total contrast to the Kafka-like oddities of Eastern European animation.

"It is impossible not to hallucinate on your own while watching it." - Lita Eliseu, East Village Other

Awards: Fourth Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival; Special Commendation, Yale Film Festival.

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Austrian Film Museum; Carpenter Center, Harvard University; SF Museum of Modern Art; Pacific Film Archive.

Collection: Anthology Film Archives

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