Hildur and the Magician

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A foolish magician concocts a potion which doesn't do the job it's intended to. A fairy queen turns into a mortal woman and must confront the dazzlement of the world of humans. A gnome steals a princess, and a wicked queen traps them all. Who can help them? Who can untangle the web?

"A group of California people, headed by Larry Jordan, the director-writer-photographer-editor, have emerged from a forest with a sensitive, lovely work. Exquisitely photographed (in good old black-and-white), threaded by a tactful narration and soothing music, the film gracefully pantomimes the tale of a kidnapped little princess, a wandering fairy queen and a bumbling magician ....

"The picture moves simply, clearly and interestingly, projecting an ethereal spirit. At its best the film's texture and tone suggest Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast and this is high praise indeed. Let's hope we can say soon that here comes Mr. Jordan again." - Howard Thompson, The New York Times

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