Our Lady of the Sphere

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Animation. The mystical Lady with the orbital head moves through the carnival of life in a Surreal Adventure. A classic. Show it to anyone who likes movies.

"A beauty ... a genuinely mystical exercise." - Howard Thompson, The New York Times

"OUR LADY OF THE SPHERE - perhaps Jordan's most exquisitely perfect creation - is a color collage of roccoco imagery juxtaposed with symbols of the space age. The images metamorphose, transmute, interpenetrate and otherwise change with the fluid effervescence of bubbles rising out of water, punctuated by sudden flashes of light, alarm buzzers and abrupt visual surprises. It is a mystical, jewel-like creation, like a Joseph Cornell box come to life." - Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle

"A sense of mystery and adventure. Jordan is in his own distinct way a magician." - Donald Miller, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Awards: First Prize, University of Cincinnatti Film Festival; First Prize, University of Wisconsin Film Festival; Second Prize, Kent Film Festival; Second Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY; NY Film Festival; American Avant-garde Exhibition, Tokyo; Pacific Film Archive; Pompidou Center, Paris.

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