Yellow Aria

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YELLOW ARIA is a symptomatic view of the lover at work, constantly on the edge of savoring the moments when passion and neurosis overlap. By layering different forms of expression, the film allows language and action to intertwine to demystify love and passion.

Rather than a sentimental account, YELLOW ARIA is a humorous and ironic series of vignettes, which form confessional outbursts of the symptoms of losing the loved object of desire. Originally inspired by Roland Barthes' A Lover's Discourse, this work puts forward a decidedly female perspective, and simultaneously undercuts and sympathizes with these "out of sync" outbursts and re-situates them. Baroque pillars fill the frame to create a background for the film. The women orators, statuesque, protrude and extend from this structure while the silent man becomes embedded in the facade. This elevated architecture posits the paradox of YELLOW ARIA: what is ugly about love is also monumental.

With appearances by: Zsuzsa Koszegi, Diviana Ingravallo, Marcello Sinicorni and Gabriella Grassia.

Awards: First Prize, Experiments in Form, SF Int'l Film Festival, 1987; Prize Winner, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1988; Honorable Mention, Marin Film Festival, 1987.

Note: In English and Italian with subtitles.

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