Tina M. Bastajian

Tina Bastajian is a film/new media artist born in Los Angeles, and formulated her cinematic proclivities during the 1980's in San Francisco. In 2005 she moved to Amsterdam to continue with her curatorial and archival research in the Master's programme Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam-Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and is a member of the Imagined Futures (iFut) research group, which interrogates the triangulation of the avant-garde, the academy and popular applications of media technology. Her research has focused on strategies of documentation, preservation and re-presentation of filmic performative works (e.g. Expanded Cinema) as well as dis-locative, nuanced and subjective mapping tendencies in locative media. She is interested in the afterlives produced: performative, archival, and documentary elements as new connections surface with the passage of time and through the migration of sound and image. Themes of the fragment, translation, the trace and returns are also intrinsic to her work within experimental, exilic and diasporan film.

Her recent film/video works include: Jagadakeer between the near and east, (2001); Garden Dwelling, (2004); One or Two Things She Knows About Shushanik. (2005); Ellipsis (2006); and a collaborative expanded/site- specific film, A Tree Once Grew On Pushkin Street (2009) premiering at IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)

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