El Capitan

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"The line betweeen gulps of void and solid rock straight up and down -- hair raising, funny, pure beautiful." -Gary Snyder

"EL CAPITAN is a visually stunning and psychologically revealing film of four climbers' three-day trek on the face of Yosemite Valley's famed 3000-foot vertical desert, El Capitan." - Ken De Roux, SF Museum of Modern Art

"EL CAPITAN is one of the very best climbing films around. It deserves to circulate." -Doug Robinson, Outside Magazine

"EL CAPITAN is the best rock climbing film...period! No other film compares!" -David Brower

"Among climbing films, EL CAPITAN is without peer in poetic beauty." -Royal Robbins

EL CAPITAN was filmed in 1968 and released in 1978. In 2013, after being out of circulation for many years, it has been digitized in high definition, and restored frame by frame.

Awards: Grand Prize - Mountainfilm, Telluride, Colorado, USA
Grand Prize - Banff Festival of Mountain Films, Banff, Canada
Gold Medal - Fest International du Film Alpine, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Grand Prize - Festival International du Film D'Adventure Vecue - La Plagne, France

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