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Bottle Can by Luther Price

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If I lived a thousand years ago
I'd probably be running half naked
in the scorching sun
over jagged rocks
ripping open the bottoms of my feet
and tearing off my toes.

Blood-curdling screams behind me
A tribe of men chasing me
If they caught me
they'd probably chop my head off

If I lived two thousand years ago
I'd walk for months through the desert sand
with no food or water
I'd be OK until someone came by
and chopped my head off

If I lived three thousand years ago
In France, Italy, Texas, or Japan
I'd probably be so cold and small
if somebody ever found me
they'd definitely cut off my head

If I lived four thousand years ago
and hid long enough I'd be OK
as long as I talked to myself out loud
and scribbled something on a wall
every once in awhile
No one would chop my head off then
and I would be safe
as long as I hid long enough

If I lived five thousand years ago
I'd probably still be hiding ...

If I lived six thousand years ago
I don't know what I'd be doing

If I lived seven thousand years ago from now
I'd probably be taking a quiet walk
across Lake Michigan
until somebody decided it would be a good idea
to cut off my head

Image courtesy of the artist, and Callicoon Fine Arts, NY

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