Luther Price

Memory, Possession, Truth, Language, Solitude, Cigarettes, Suicide and Trust. Disorder, Reconstruction, Out takes and tape. Pin hole, Retrospective, Performance and Velvet ... Obsession, Creation, Addiction, Introverted, Reflection, Moving Element ... Subject Matter, Day Dreams, Sailors and Anger, Failure, Remorse ... Permanent Desire, Documentation, Lip Synch, Animation ... Static, Procrastination, Dissolve and Fade. Distortion, HomoErotic Collaboration. Habitat, Transformation, Hieroglyphic, Consideration ... Liquid and Fat ... One Track Minded Mental Block. Unresolved Reality, Ordinary Restriction. Volatile Combination, Desire, Presentation Meaningless Evidence, Situation Imagination and Dream ... Pigment, Punch Holes, Ashes and Swirl ... Soundtracks, Pealing, Ribbons Twirl, Maggots and Pink. Comas and Cameras, Liquid Vignette ... Juxtaposition, Frame Line, 500 Watts ... Cerebral Hemorrhage, Head Vomit, Project ... Make Believe Glamour, Glitter and Tonic, A Time Sorted Occasion, A Pleasant Worth While Episode, A Relaxed Flabby Eyelid ... A Silver Funeral ... and Birthday Cake