Warm Broth (Rhoads, aka Luther Price)

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

Everything will be ok, just close
your eyes little thing
go to sleep little fuck
feel my hand on your warm
It's cold isn't it? Ice cold.

Dream of something real sweet
for mommy
Mommy likes sweet things
Dream of a merry-go-round and
cotton candy

Mommy's hand got all warm
resting on your tiny head
See, look at mommy's hand
It got all warm now

You're running a slight fever
Mommy will get you some
And you're running a slight

Little fuck don't have to go to
school tomorrow
but no playing in the yard
Someone could see you
And I'll be an unfit mommy

You'll have to stay in all day

but now, dream of the prettiest
flower for mommy
I'll make you oatmeal first thing
And you could tell me the color
of the -
prettiest flower.

Images courtesy of the artist, and Callicoon Fine Arts, NY

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