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ANALOGIES consists of a series of simple camera movements that are rendered diachronically - several different aspects of the action are shown on the screen at once using multiple screen structures. By playing with the time delays between these images, new kinds of space, action, gesture, and temporality have been found.

"... a sensuous piece of visual music ... staggered imagery in everflowing, Godardian movements, enhanced by sumptuous color and by delayed actions of concentrated rhythmic power." - Amos Vogel

"When Rose fills the screen with 25 images, the experience is akin to music. An image ripples across the screen as a theme echoes across the different instruments of a full orchestra, each image an arabesque in a Persian rug." - Noel Carroll, The Soho Weekly News

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Second Prize, Athens Film Festival; First Prize, Atlanta Film and Video Festival; Bronze Hugo, Chicago Film Festival; Film as Art, American Film Festival.

PAL - Region Free DVD (you must have an All-Region player for this DVD to work)
78 minutes

Includes the following films:

Incantations 1968-1972 8 min.
Analogies: Studies in the Movement of Time 1977 14 min.
The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough 1981 33 min.
secondary currents from 1983 to 1990 b / w 16 min.
Spirit Matters 1991 6 min.

Contains a 24-page English/French booklet by Sara D'Agostino

Publisher: ReVoir

"I consider myself an escape artist. I hope to travel in the fifth dimension, speaking unknown languages, discover the next step in the evolution of thought. I build structural parables that suggest the universe beyond what we can explain. " - Peter Rose

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