Peter Rose

Since 1968 I've made over thirty short films, videos, performances and installations. My early work drew upon my background in mathematics and explored the boundaries of time, space, and perception. I then became interested in language as a subject and generated a substantial body of work that played with the feel and form of sense, concrete texts, political satire, and a kind of intellectual comedy. Simultaneously, I made a number of works that functioned in the public domain: video installations and documentaries on public art.

My ambition these days is to construct cinematic totems, speechless vehicles for encounters with landscape and figure that reinvigorate the possibilities of seeing. Recent videos have explored the liminalities of vision the optical space that presents itself before (re)cognition kicks in, the borders between light and darkness. I'm interested as well in the edges of things: the highway underpasses, subducted tunnels, and abandoned factories that constitute the unconscious inner life of the city. These spaces, which I have been exploring for thirty years, possess a potency that is almost mythological.

I understand this all as furthering one mission of art, which is not to illustrate what we know but to illuminate what we do not.