Man Who Could Not See Far Enough, The

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THE MAN WHO ... uses literary, structural, autobiographical, and performance metaphors to construct a series of tableaux that evoke the act of vision, the limits of perception, and the rapture of space. Spectacular moving multiple images; a physical, almost choreographic sense of camera movement; and massive, resonant sound have inspired critics to call it "stunning" and "hallucinatory." The film ranges in subject from a solar eclipse to an ascent of the Golden Gate Bridge, and moves, in spirit, from the deeply personal to the mythic.

"[A] powerfully formal, analytic inquiry into the nature of vision and cinema ... painfully beautiful images of mysterious events and things that split, multiply, migrate and quiver with a hallucinatory vibrance ... a rich fabric interlacing the metaphysical with the ironical." - Sally Banes, The Village Voice

Awards: Special Jury Prize, Festival de la Jeune Cinema, Hyeres, France; Director's Prize, Baltimore Film Festival.

Exhibition: Edinburgh Film Festival; American Film Festival; Oberhausen Film Festival; Sydney Film Festival.

Collections: Centre Pompidou, Paris; Image Forum, Tokyo

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