Scary Movie, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

With Martina Torr and Sonja Mereu.

"... THE SCARY MOVIE, by Peggy Ahwesh, [is an] amazingly complex (and just plain amazing) film informed by a wide range of issues and concerns, including feminism, psychoanalytic theory (especially Jacques Lacan), home-movie aesthetics, film genre conventions, and the notion of self-reflexivity in film. ... [S]he plays with the Freudian concept (filtered through Lacan) of the female's 'lack' of a penis, turning this core issue of psychoanalytic thinking on its head. ... In [this] film it is the male who 'lacks,' men being conspicuously absent, even when the 'narrative' calls for male roles. ... Ahwesh's work ... is notable in the way that it combines subjects of seriousness and gravity with an unparalleled control of the film medium, a disarming wit, and a frankness that catches one by surprise." - Patrick Friel, Indianapolis Museum of Art

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