Peggy Ahwesh

Aptly described as a bricoleur, Peggy Ahwesh's work combines a variety of experimental, narrative and documentary genres, often with improvisation in performance, found footage, noise, the arcane, and a variety of obsolete, low-end technologies. Ahwesh's work is primarily an investigation of cultural identity and the role of the female subject. Ahwesh's practice insists on political and social topicality, handled with theoretical rigor, while at the same time using humor and the absurd in an open embrace of the inexplicable. The discourses of feminism and film theory are applied to traditionally female-gendered themes, home movies, family drama, relationships and confessions while turning the conventions of realism on end. Ahwesh came of age in the 1970s with S8 filmmaking, feminism, and the punk underground in Pittsburgh.

Senses of Cinema: Great Directors Critical Database

Brooklyn Museum, Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art